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Adhesive Wound Dressing
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Surgical Dressings
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Adhesive wound dressing is for sterile wound care in the operating room, outpatient department and doctor's surgery. It combines an absorbent pad with a soft and conformable fixative layer of Non-woven fabric. It highly imbibes the section of wound absorbs and retains fluid, prevents wound from seeping and infection. The dressing can be removed from the skin painlessly and without leaving any residue.

Size:3.8x3.8cm, 6X8cm, 7X9cm,9x10cm, 9x15cm, 9x20cm, 9x25cm, 9x30cm, 10X6cm,10X8cm,10X10cm,10x15cm, 10x20cm, 10X25cm,12x12cm, 20x20cm, etc.

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