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Hoof Poultice Pad (Animalintex Hoof)
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Equine Gears
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Hoof Poultice Pad 100% cotton wool with a non-woven cover on one side and plastic backing on the other. Animalintex Hoof Poultice Pad Contains mild antiseptic1.2 grams of tragacanth and 0.39 grams of boric acid
1. Hot Dressing
Cut the pad to size and place in boiled water cooled to 38C.
Once wet remove pad from water, squeeze out excess water.
Apply to affected area with plastic away from skin.
Hold in place with gamgee or similar bandage.

2. Cold Dressing
Soak dressing in cold water apply to affected area.
Can also be applied chilled after refrigeration in bag.

3. Dry Dressing
Apply poultice pad directly to affected area.
Always apply the dressing with plastic away from skin
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